4 Ways Your Business Can Improve SEO

27 February 2017
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27 February 2017 studio55

I came across this article this morning regarding SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. It’s well worth a read, some simple points that can really help your ranking. If you need more information, drop us a line at hello@studio55.ie

Want to improve SEO for your business? SEO is a winner when you get it right. And best practice starts with eliminating all those practices that cause harm to your business, and building the techniques that make your business succeed. Here are four key ways your business can win at SEO.

1) Look at Keywords Strategically

It is important to start looking at your keywords before you start experimenting with other aspects of SEO. And it is equally important that you carry out proper keyword research so you are not stumbling around in the dark. Keywords should be as specific as possible to your company and have an easy ring to them, rather than keywords that appear forced. It is a good idea, too, to look at a long-tail approach rather than obsessively trying to rank for highly specific, competitive keywords. When you publish content on a consistent basis that is naturally full of relevant keywords, you will rank for long-tail search results.

2) Avoid Duplication

Avoid having the same content on two or more different URLs at all costs. You shouldn’t be republishing articles not only because it is against copyright, but the duplication will harm your SEO.

3) Adjust Your Navigation and Internal Links

There are major opportunities for improving SEO when you look at how your pages are ranking inside your website. Many people do not realise how this works, and it often takes a professional to look carefully at how pages are linked in order to get the best benefits.

4) Optimise the Load Speed

The speed at which your page loads impacts on how your site ranks. Even a one-second improvement or slow-down costs you a lot of money in lost or gained sales. You can check your site’s load time and make adjustments through an audit of how well the site is functioning overall.

If you want to do more with SEO at your business, take a strategic approach and call in the experts. Making a difference to your SEO makes a huge difference to the success of your company. It is definitely something to look closely into.

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