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2 March 2017
2 March 2017 studio55

Google Chrome have started reporting websites that were not encrypted with an SSL Security Certificate as Insecure. Many of you will have received an email from myself explaining this and showing examples of HTTPS websites vs non secure website formats. Below are some points from my Hosting Team, explaining in more detail why now is the time to act on getting an SSL certificate and converting your website to display the HTTPS version.

Step One:  Check there is a valid SSL Certificate installed on your Hosting Account

There are many websites out there that allow you to quickly check this. A popular choice is SSL Shopper and you can use this link to see if your website has a valid SSL Certificate and when it expires.

Step Two:  Convert pages on your website to be https://

The second step is where you may need to speak to your web developer. Essentially you need to set a redirect to ensure when people visit your website they always get the https:// secure version. You also need to ensure that all pages and links are secure as well. A good website for testing each page is Why No Padlock and it will show what on your pages need changed in order to make the page load securely. Your web developer will be able to advise. If you do not have a web developer then our team can help for a small charge just pop a support ticket in and we can work with you to make your entire website load from https:// secure URLs.

Why is this more important in March 2017 than it was in September 2016?

Chrome version 56 and Firefox version 51 now warn users if their sites are insecure.

Chrome Version 56

Firefox Version 51

As you can see Chrome warning is a little more severe than Firefox warning but the warnings are there nonetheless.  Chrome are now going to take this a step further and have informed users that when they release Version 57 the warnings will become a little more severe for any forms where you collect and send data where that data is not encrypted end to end by an SSL Certificate.

Coming Soon:  Chrome version 57 where the Unsecure Form warnings that will be much more severe

We believe you should act today to secure your website if you have not already done so.  Chrome version 57 will have even more severe warnings where your website has an unsecured form.  There will now be IN FORM WARNINGS should you be about to submit a form that will travel over a non encrypted connection and this will no longer be ‘hidden’ at the top beside the address bar so it will be very noticeable.

The SSL Store ( have been testing this and here is an image taken from their website:

Source:  The SSL Store Blog –

As you can see there will soon be a ‘Login Not Secure’ warning that appears within the website itself.


Contact Studio55 today to see about getting the ball rolling with your SSL certificate and website converted and displaying as HTTPS. Email us on –

Thanks, Adam

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