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10 October 2022 studio55

Banbridge CC is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned Banbridge CC website  – The new website features a comprehensive list of visual and technical enhancements, including a variety of usability improvements for mobile users, and streamlining the interface for ease of access to vital information.

Thanks to the team at Studio55 the website for Banbridge CC has had a complete design revamp and rebuild, and includes  a modern, colourful, and attractive overhaul for the website design that has been kindly sponsored by Studio55 Inspirational Internet Solutions.

Club Chairman Aaron Wallace said “We owe huge thanks to Adam and the team at Studio55 who have not just built a great looking new website, but have engaged with us from the outset to ensure it delivered on our club needs. We now have a fresh looking site that can act as the gateway to much of the club’s activities”.

Studio55 Managing Director, Adam McGreevy, said: “We were initially contacted regarding a website redesign project, but Studio55 were happy to go one step further and help Banbridge CC out by proposing a sponsorship deal.”

“As well as racing with the club as a youth rider myself I have a very strong family tie with the club, with grandparents, parents, uncles, brothers and cousins all having raced in Banbridge CC colours. it’s been a real pleasure re-connecting with Aaron and fellow members again. Banbridge CC is a great club with a proud history, which deserves to be showcased appropriately and which we’re delighted to be associated with.”

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